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About Joy

Joy is a bookkeeping numbers girl. She grew up entirely in Claremont, California, and went to Loyola Marymount University for a finance degree. In college, she landed a job doing internal accounting work for a small business and loved the work. She worked internally for companies as small as 20 people to as large as 450 people. Since starting her own business she’s personally helped over 300 clients with their bookkeeping in one form or another. Without good financial records, you can’t make sound financial decisions for your business.

About Andrew

Andrew started his career working in a tax and financial planning firm. After helping grow that firm, he left to start his own businesses. The first was CFOAndrew, a new way to work with a tax professional. Over the years, Andrew has expanded his knowledge base by advising hundreds of businesses, helping build dozens of companies, and covering various finance, investment, tax, and accounting areas.

Andrew’s expertise has grown and adapted over the years to broadly be called a CFO and Advisor. He spends most of his time building companies or advising high-net-worth individuals on their tax and investment strategies.

After mastering the technical aspects of the space, Andrew has moved into two main areas: disrupting the advisory business and adding human/emotional/behavioral elements to the planning function.

Andrew believes that most financial services businesses are profoundly broken. Working with his own companies and other start-ups, Andrew spends time thinking about and building the next generation of delivery for investment and tax advice.


We have a wide variety of capabilities that include all aspects of accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, finance, investments, and corporate administration and compliance. We can build a wide variety of engagements, including:

  • Low-touch engagements that cover monthly bookkeeping or annual tax prep.
  • Ongoing engagements that include monthly reporting and on-demand support for taxes and investments.
  • High-touch engagements with custom reporting and accounting processes, investments analysis and advisory, M&A support, and fundraising assistance.
  • Full outsourcing of accounting and operational systems, including compliance and entity management.
  • Family office establishment and operation – direct management of multigenerational wealth, investment, and tax strategies as well as compliance, administration, and cash management.