Carroll Family Holdings

We Help People.

We help restaurants serve their customers.

We help creatives create.

We help the less fortunate get a leg up.

We help manufacturers arm our military.

We help start-ups launch on the best foot possible.

We help people feel confident, knowing their money is working efficiently.

We help business owners sleep at night.

"Carroll Family Holdings has proven itself a valuable partner again and again. Their ability to assess opportunity, model it, and support it on its path to fruition is only surpassed by their communication throughout the process. I give them six out of five stars."
Jonathan Owen
Business Owner

The help you need is unique – and each person we work with needs different help. But the thing that never changes between all of them: our goal is to help people. Whether that means helping navigate a deal, making an investment decision, ensuring day-to-day operations are moving, or confirming you’re doing the best you can with your taxes—our help should do just that: help.

Help isn’t about compliance. Although not being in compliance means you need help! The purpose of helping is to have the people and businesses we serve find peace. Money is a major cause of stress and anxiety in the world. There is no shortage of people who want to play on that anxiety to sell you something. Our focus is to make sure you know the path and help you walk it so that you can find peace.


We support many causes. You can also get information on our upcoming community involvement here.


We operate a variety of businesses – if you want to work with us directly, this is the best place.


We are also on the team of a lot of great companies – they are listed here.

Core Beliefs

We run our businesses and ventures following some core principles. We encourage flat pricing, we value deliverables not hours, and we believe that risk should be rewarded.

You have an obligation to stand up for people who have less power than you — if you don’t, who will?

Entrepreneurship is the key to the American Dream — and needs to be encouraged.

Now, more than ever, people have the ability to "be their own boss" — and more people should!

More people than ever have the ability to take control of their own financial plans — and should!

Technology is changing the world — and nothing needs more change than the financial services arena.