Carroll Family Holdings


We’re Andrew & Joy Carroll. This site is our “home base” for the various and sundry projects that we are both involved in. We’re based in McKinney, TX, having relocated from Southern California in 2018.

Andrew is a consultant and "numbers guy". He grew up mostly in Northern California and went to Cal State Fullerton (in Southern California) for an accounting and finance degree. He works with people and businesses of all shapes and sizes. His passion is building businesses. Most great ideas get lost because they don’t have a good business built to produce and deliver the product or idea.

Joy is a bookkeeping “numbers girl”. She grew up entirely in Claremont, California and went to Loyola Marymount University for a finance degree. In college she landed a job doing internal accounting work for a small business and loved the work. She worked internally for companies as small as 20 people to as large as 450 people. Since starting her own business she’s personally helped over 300 clients with their bookkeeping in one form or another. Without good financial records you can’t make sound financial decisions for your business.

We are big believers in supporting the local community and in doing our part to always make things better. We’re involved in a few different things; this is the one place you can find them all!


We support many causes. You can also get information on our upcoming community involvement here.


We operate a variety of businesses – if you want to work with us directly, this is the best place.


We are also on the team of a lot of great companies – they are listed here.

Core Beliefs

You have an obligation to stand up for people who have less power than you — if you don’t, who will?

Entrepreneurship is the key to the American Dream — and needs to be encouraged.

Technology is changing the world — and nothing needs more change than the financial services arena.

Entrepreneurship is the key to American Dream — and needs to be encouraged.

Now, more than ever, people have the ability to "be their own boss" — and more people should!

More people than ever have the ability to take control of their own financial plans — and should!